Production during the Corona-Crisis – Learnings from Cleanroom & Technology

  • How can Sars-CoV-2 theoretically spread in the context of production?
  • How to assess the related risks in a production facility ? Which measures make sense, and where? Who can provide support here?
  • What kind of support and recommendations  can come from cleanroom technology in the crisis and in which specific areas?
  • Who should be contacted if an employee has Sars-CoV-2? And what measures are then necessary to be able to produce again?
  • How can production companies be supported with digital solutions during this time?

During the Corona-crisis the production is running in compliance with increased safety constraints and measures. This raises questions about how to deal with them and the danger of contamination in practice and what recommendations can support specific decisions.

The online Q&A on April 1st 2020 aimed at providing answers and  recommendations on the basis of the expertise from the Silicon Alps cluster focus group Cleanroom & Technology. This runs from cleaning and disinfection, decontamination processes, safety risk assessment in production operations to training courses and digital support for production and training.

We warmly thank the following colleagues who reported on their experiences and made recommendations:

Many thanks to the participants for their questions and keen interest!

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