Primus-Gala showed Carinthia’s innovative strength and honored Monika Kircher, former CEO of Infineon

Klagenfurt (LPD). The Primus business award was awarded on Wednesday in front of 250 guests at the Klagenfurt concert hall. Laudators were Governor Peter Kaiser and former Governor Christof Zernatto. On the part of the Carinthian provincial government, the Economic Development Officer LHStv. Gaby Schaunig and Tourism and Economic Affairs Councilor Sebastian Schuschnig also presented prizes.

Carinthia’s governor Peter Kaiser gave a laudatory speech on the former Infineon boss Monika Kircher who received the Primus award for her entrepreneurial life’s work. Her engagement “prepared the ground for the 1.6 billion euro investment that has just been put into operation at the Villach location”. The governor also particularly emphasized Kircher’s contribution to setting Carinthia on the international map. Kaiser emphasized in particular that Infineon expanded heavily under Kircher and much of her commitment made it the leading company in Austria it is. Kircher handed over to Sabine Herlitschka in 2014 and his still active in countless projects and initiatives in Carinthia.

In his introductory statement, the governor described the Primus as “Carinthia’s showcase”. The award also impressively presents the state’s innovative companies from all sectors. Tourism and Agriculture Minister Elisabeth Köstinger emphasized that Carinthia has a passion for entrepreneurship and great employees.

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Photo reference: Kircher, Kaiser, Köstinger – LPD Carinthia / Hude