PRIMTEC enhances Coca-Cola HBC Austria’s warehouse management

Warehouse management needs to go fast and seamless

For Coca-Cola HBC’s ultra-modern production and logistics center, the Styrian-based experts for RFID systems primtec has introduced a modern WMS system including a control center and forklift control system in order to achieve a high throughput of goods and to optimize and automate storage, retrieval and returns processes.

Michael Mally and Volker Knapp, Founders of Primtec

We asked Primtec for some project insights for the Silicon Alps network:

How did the project come about?

It was our sales partner Still GmbH who approached us with this project based on our experience with innovative and tailor-made solutions in this area.

What was the challenge and how did you solve it?

Due to the restructuring and expansion of the raw material storage areas, the client sought an individual solution for the entire warehouse logistics. Consequently, our intelligent WMS with its optimized storage and retrieval strategy and flexible attributes including control center and forklift control system have met all requirements. 

So on which core topic have you been able to contribute your expertise?

The core issues of the project at Coca-Cola HBC Austria were an intelligent storage and retrieval strategy combined with optimized storage of block storage and mobile racking. The acquisition of the necessary product data at incoming goods and the integration of the forklifts make optimal utilization of the overall system possible.

How is the segment going from your point of view and what are you hoping for?

In the course of automation and digitization, a modern warehouse without contemporary warehouse management is no longer imaginable, especially if you want to remain competitive. The combination with various expansion options and functions, e.g. disposition on the forklift, a forklift control system or similar, is easily possible and doable. As AutoID experts, we offer our customers the right solutions so that they can operate efficiently and emerge stronger from the current situation.

Project Outline

Several block storage areas as well as the mobile racking area are covered by their system. In order to being able to organize the pallet movements optimally, various optimization strategies are used at the same time, which are controlled and monitored by their system. Each forklift was easily upgraded with a forklift terminal and thus integrated into our systems. All activities can be conveniently analyzed and controlled on the browser via a modern dashboard. The information obtained, such as the real-time stock level or a complete overview of master data, enable efficient planning for procurement and production.

Project Key Facts

  • Optimized storage / retrieval strategies
  • Dynamic warehouse attributes with validation
  • Direct interface from the forklift to the mobile rack
  • More than 500 pallet movements per day
  • Integration of all suppliers in the GS1 upstream process
  • Project partners Still GmbH and GS1 Austria GmbH

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