Predictive Maintenance – Core topic of the CFG SSI

Predictive Maintenance (PM) represents one of the key topics in the manufacturing industry of the future, as well as in the service sector.  A variety of approaches and technologies are emerging, empowered by data science, sensing technologies, IoT, machine learning and AI. PM represents a main topic of the CFG SSI in 2021, for which a team has been built. The members meet regularly to discuss the development in this field and initiate cooperation projects.

The kick-Off Workshop of the SCF SSI on this topic on 11.03.2021 highlighted this diversity and pointed towards the necessity of an agreed common definition and PM “vocabulary”.

In a highly interactive way, the team members discussed their perspectives and technologies (only some of the keywords: data acquisition, condition monitoring,  high frequency & dynamic Sensing Machines Environment, integration of information,  long-term prediction, management of  PM)  and identified interfaces for further cooperation. The acquisition of quality data by means of measuring and control elements in production goes hand in hand with the integration of information, data analysis and prediction and the support of decision on maintenance actions.

The team working on the topic aims to establish a common definition of PM so that in Silicon Alps the same understanding prevails. In the next step, the competencies and interests of team members will be matched to PM Areas and dimensions. At the same time, the team will make its best to answer the practical problems of companies. Last but not the least, R&D cooperation projects are aimed (cooperative projects in calls)

Warm thanks to the PM team for the lively and informative session : Alpen Adria Universität Klagenfurt; Materials Center Leoben (MCL), Silicon Austria Labs, LCM, Analog Devices, Know-Center, Messfeld, Joanneum Research, Lam Research, K3lab; FH CAMPUS 02,  Providens Analytics. 

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