Making Talents visible

What is it like to work in the Electronic Based Systems industry, the key sector of the future?

In 2021, the often propagated “way out of the crisis” has for all of us turned into a quest for the safest possible path to deal with the pandemic. However, while many industries and markets have suffered, the microelectronics industry is busier than ever meeting the market demands – an indicator of the great responsibility we have for our society through our technologies and know-how.

These demands first and foremost require the knowledge, skills and unbroken motivation of those who master and develop some of the world’s most elaborate and profound technologies. All the engineers and researchers of microelectronics are truly heroes of our time and we think they really should step in front of the curtain every now and then. Silicon Alps has done this on a small scale with our Heroes of Tech series, in which we had the honour of portraying some representatives of Austria’s diverse industry in a couple of short videos. Our talents deserve the greatest respect and we would like to thank every one of them for their work, which continues to nourish and strengthen the Silicon Alps region and Europe as a whole.

The HEROES OF TECH campaign shows the important contribution to society and our economy that people working in the EBS sector make with their work every day.

Heroes of Tech – Short Teaser

Outline and Goals of the Campaign


Making talent visible is one of the main focal points of the Silicon Alps Cluster. Every day, people within the EBS sector and the Silicon Alps partners are dedicating their time and energy to making the world a better place by advancing our technology. They are the true Superheroes and problem-solvers and we think they need to be shown and promoted. 


The Silicon Alps region is booming and while the network is growing, the sector is increasingly dependent on attracting talents from all over the world to keep the quality and to stay competitive for the challenges the future brings us. The HEROES OF TECH campaign makes people aware that both qualification and talent are crucial for our region. 


The campaign also promotes international cooperation in the research community and industry, as the Silicon Alps network mutually supports its partners in sharing the latest knowledge worldwide, recruiting the best talent, tackling global challenges and creating business opportunities. The greatest questions of our times can best be answered by the combined know-how and Silicon Alps hosts some of the brightest minds, as Heroes of Tech will show.

Between Summer and December 2021, we have started with the portrayal of 13 outstanding Heroes of Tech we presented at the #EBSCON 2021 – and there are many more to come.
These bright minds are working for companies like NXP, CISC, Watlow, Flasher, Silicon Austria Labs, Silent Quo or ALP.Lab in the forward-looking fields of Artificial Intelligence, Society 5.0, Cybersecurity and Green Technology.

In the freshly cut video, our 13 heroes explain what they love about their job, why their job is so crucial for society and why the Silicon Alps region is simply the most beautiful place to live.

13 Heroes of Tech 2021 full edit

If you’re interested taking part in our HEROES OF TECH campaign, write an email to: