Hero of Tech – Saraswati Shirsangi from NXP Semiconductors

Saraswati Shirsangi

Age: 29 years
Nationality: India
Education: Electrical & Electronics Engineering, B. V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering & Technology
Company: NXP Semiconductors
Position: Digital Verification Engineer
Responsibilities:Pre-silicon verification of NFC transceivers, sign-off guarantee to produce the chips

How Saraswati became a Hero of Tech


Electrical & Electronics Engineering at B. V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering & Technology

I have studied Electrical & Electronics Engineering. My field of interest is ASICs and the magic that semiconductors can do. I had a cousin who worked in the semiconductor industry and sometimes explained the concepts to me in a very simplified way, this was when I was still going to school.

Such an idea being put in a small girl’s mind who was hungry for knowledge and the magic took it all – so I worked hard to intern at NXP Semiconductors years later. In this company, I was lucky to meet nice and smart people who helped me when I needed support and so I started my journey in Digital Verification.  

I love my job at the verification because here I am not constrained to think within a box and try to fit everything inside that box. This is the job that gives me power of System Verilog language and various other constructs and methods where I can test that the design works the way it should. As a verification engineer you have the responsibility to sign-off the design block when it is still in the form of a code, and after the sign-off the Silicon is produced. 

– Saraswati Shirsangi

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