Hero of Tech – Norbert Lehotzky from Sclable Business Solutions GmbH

Norbert Lehotzky

Age: 38 years
Nationality: Hungarian
Education: Electrical Engineering Degree at Budapest University of Technology and Economics 
Company: Sclable Business Solutions GmbH
Position: Software Engineering Team Lead 
Responsibilities: software engineering, team leading

How Norbert became a Hero of Tech


Electrical Engineering Degree
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Me? Started coding as a teenager, degreed as an electrical engineer but still wanted to make software because making software is an art.

Fields of interest? Solving complex problems, building up something from scratch, serving customers and end-users, seeing a product which makes someone’s life easier. Sharing knowledge with other software engineers, holding a team together, supporting them to be more efficient, to have more fun, to enjoy life more. 

Further training? Improving myself as much as possible. Trying to keep up with the fast paced web world. Languages, frameworks, technologies… the cloud. I’m also a trained Scrum Master which enables me to help even more teams with productivity. 

I love to make software and I love to work with people. As a software engineering team lead I can do both and that is the best I can imagine. 

Norbert Lehotzky 

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