Hero of Tech – Tiberio Fanti from NXP Semiconductors

Tiberio Fanti

Age: 54 years
Nationality: Italian
Education: MScEE at University of Rome “La Sapienza” with specialization on Microelectronics & Digital Signal Processing
Company: NXP Semiconductors
Position: Digital Design Manager
Responsibilities: NFC Modem Development; Digital HW IPs; SubProject Manager

How Tiberio became a Hero of Tech


MScEE at University of Rome “La Sapienza” with specialization on Microelectronics & Digital Signal Processing. 

After graduating at Liceo Scientifico Spallanzani in Tivoli, I joined the engineering college of University of Rome “La Sapienza”. There, I took on the Analog/Digital Electronics studies, specializing in digital microelectronics and signal processing. I graduated executing by myself the whole flow of a standard-cell microcontroller IC design, from concept to tape-out.

During the first years of my professional experience, in Ericsson AB, my activity span from pure digital design and verification to mixed analog-digital and circuit boards design. Later, in Milan, while completing my Leadership & Management curriculum, I focused on digital IP development for many generations of uW Radios for the mobile backhaul.

I decided to move to Austria in 2016, thanks to my network of interns I had the chance to mentor. In NXP I took the lead and management of a team that is end-to-end responsible for NFC Digital Modem design.

Notwithstanding the management role, I’m still interested in uC architectures, Digital IP Design, Continuous Integration flows and Project Management. 

I like working in a dynamic and very young context, with many students and new graduates to mentor and introduce to the industry reality. The group I’m managing is multicultural and spans over many disciplines, kept togther with a well-defined development and integration flow. The progress made by the team, the functional growth and the high quality of our deliverables in these first five years in NXP, make me very proud of the job done so far. 

Tiberio Fanti 


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