Hero of Tech – Austin Johannes from Watlow

Austin Johannes

Age: 24years
Nationality: American
Education: Bachelor of Science at Saint Cloud State University studying Electrical Engineering 
Company: Watlow
Position: Engineer ll / Controls Specialist
Responsibilities: Support European colleagues and strategic customers with temperature control. This includes helping with application development, technical support, and test development.

How Austin became a Hero of Tech


Bachelor of Science
Saint Cloud State University studying Electrical Engineering

I enjoy the process of creation no matter the construct. Naturally I hold interest in all fields of development, but I pursued a degree in electrical engineering as I felt it would be challenging for me to tackle without an instructor. When I graduated college, I wanted to align my interests which included control theory, embedded systems, and circuit design with my future job all which Watlow ticked. While being a part of Watlow I gravitated towards the semiconductor industry due to the quick cycles of development enabled by the close relationships we hold with our customers.
When an opportunity arose to work in Europe directly supporting our semiconductor customers I latched on. I am now supporting Europe, building relationships, and learn
ing about tomorrows challenges so I can bring back these challenges to my hometown development team in Minnesota.

At Watlow I enjoy the respect that all employees are given. Even when I joined the company with no previous working experience my colleagues where interested and willing to support the ideas I brought. Whether it was technical suggestions for product development, company structure, or my personal development plan I was listened to and was able to contribute to the outcome. 

Austin Johannes 



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