Hero of Tech – Georgios Kokkinis from Silicon Austria Labs

Georgios Kokkinis

Age: 38 years
Nationality: Greek
Education: Ph.D, TU Wien 
Company: Silicon Austria Labs
Position: Senior Scientist
Responsibilities: Technical lead, Project manager

How Georgios became a Hero of Tech


Ph.D, TU Wien
Reseraches in Laboratories in Greece, France, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and Austria

I grew up in Greece, on the island of Evia and studied in Thessaloniki, Athens, Eindhoven and Vienna were I acquired my Ph.D. degree. 

I have conducted research in Laboratories in Greece, France, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, and the last 8 years in Austria. Sensors have been always in my focus:
Magnetic sensors for position measurements, inductive sensors noise optimization, microfluidic nanoparticle platform for biosensing applications, chip electrophoresis analyzer for agricultural use.

The later, is a project that I have worked on all the way from early development, in an academic environment, to a commercial product. That Journey from an idea to a meaningful device and from infinitesimally small physical interactions to digital signals is why I am passionate about sensor technology. 

I like constantly learning new technologies and tackling complex physical problems most at my job.

Georgios Kokkinis 


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