Hero of Tech – Clarissa Becker from Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

Clarissa Becker

Age: 30 years
Nationality: Germany
Education: M.Sc. in Engineering – Lightweight Engineering (CUAS, Villach)
Company: Carinthia University of Applied Sciences
Position: Junior Researcher & PhD student at UTC Compiègne in France
Responsibilities: Robust optimization of 3D-printed continuous composite structures

How Clarissa became a Hero of Tech


I received an M.Sc. degree in Lightweight Engineering from the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS). For my master’s thesis, I had the opportunity to work in a research project where I investigated design optimization for 3D-printed continuous fiber composite materials. This topic has fascinated me ever since. As a result, I began my PhD studies in this field in 2020. Thanks to the excellent international network of CUAS, I have been conducting my research in collaboration with the University of Technology of Compiègne (UTC). After working and living in France for the last 18 month, I am now continuing my research as a Junior Researcher at CUAS.

I love the freedom of working in research, where I get to explore new ideas in close collaboration with knowledgeable and experienced colleagues. Every day brings new challenges and there is always room for improvement – that is what drives me.
– Clarissa Becker

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