Cluster Focus Groups


Silicon Alps combines the sectors of industry, research and development/training and the public sector under the overall objective of strategic location development in the Southern Austria region. One of its activities is the introduction and intensification of CLUSTER FOCUS GROUPS.

Silicon Alps forms these groups, which jointly coordinate on topics and challenges and work on solutions and activities to address them. Cluster focus groups are generated so that a project or core theme can be handled as efficiently as possible, and can be staffed with qualified experts from research and industry. After the successful foundation of a CLUSTER FOCUS GROUP, it is then populated with interested and competent cooperating partners from the cluster, and works collectively to define its objectives and the necessary measures to achieve them.

Each group is headed by a team member who works in close cooperation with an executive sponsor from the cluster, while the Silicon Alps Cluster acts as the organisational and executive sponsor, providing specialist leadership.

Cluster Fokus Gruppen !

If you are interested in actively participating in one of the groups, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Cluster focus groups! ....


The continuation of SFG’s successful “Spot on RFID” format is found at the heart of the Cluster Focus Group’s activities, alongside the implementation of measures to further develop RFID.

The control group “Health Technology” was established in cooperation with Silicon Alps and Styria. WILD supports them as an Executive Sponsor.

Thematic alignment with Silicon Austria Labs and with inclusion of the cluster’s ecosystem.

Cyber Security & IoT

Implementation of the activities defined in 2017 within the framework of the working group, as well as the ongoing further development of the orientation and definition of future activities.

Creation, establishment and further development of a platform for cluster companies active in the field of clean rooms and related technologies.

Creation, establishment and further development of a platform for cluster companies for which advanced manufacturing is of importance.

Our measures are aimed at increasing the international visibility of the region, our companies and research and training institutions.

Analysis of the value creation landscape and identification of opportunities for regional sourcing, establishment of regional value creation partners and stimulation within the Silicon Alps and Silicon Europe Alliance network.

Almost all the clusters of partner companies surveyed suffer from the current shortage of qualified workers. This shortage is noticeable across training levels and affects both small and large enterprises and research institutions.

With assistance of the Silicon Alps Academy it is possible to convey relevant knowledge and competences within the ecosystem of the cluster. Trough that competitiveness and innovation performance should be strengthened in the south of Austria.

Cluster focus groups! ....

Cluster focus groups! ....