It’s that time – again – where we are better off staying at home and contemplate on our goals, our strategy and what we need to do to get where we want to be. For many of us, the collective lockdown has – amongst a long list of uncomfortable and challenging occurrences – one asset on its plus-side: TIME.

What supposed to be live-meetings often combined with the necessity to travel has now become a comfy video-call – meaning nothing less than more time to spend on other things.

To know, is to know that you know nothing – that is the meaning of true knowledge. (Socrates)

More often than not, no matter the years of experience and number of achievements, there is still a lot to be learned for everyone of us. And that’s where webinars come in. Bluntly, there is a reason why the format has enjoyed an explosion in popularity this year; After digitally imposed strains caused by a daily overdose of emails, telcos and broken connections, live webinars add to what we yearn for the most: a feeling of relevance, social contact and interaction.

We’ve got you covered

Therefore, we have compiled a list of upcoming #CrossCluster Webinars organized by Silicon Alps Cluster and/or in cooperation with ACstyria MobilitätsclusterCreative Industries StyriaGreen Tech Cluster StyriaHolzcluster SteiermarkICS Internationalisierungscenter Steiermark, Styria and many, many more. We truly invite you to seize the chance and join in, as there will probably be no better time to collectively learn from the situation than now. We will create a space for exchanging ideas and challenges and collaboratively turn them into opportunities.

You will get access and insights into cutting-edge topics. Experts will reveal their knowledge on data-science methods in practice, on future topics of production and on the impact of home office regarding aspects in labor law, organization & leadership, psychological factors, as well as physical health.

Got interested? Feel free to register for these special online treats.