Out now:  Hardware System Integration Competences of the Silicon Alps Scientific Partners

We are happy to present the first overview of competences in a given EBS field elaborated within and by our Smart Systems and Systems Integration Cluster Focus Group!

Our vision is to make the Silicon Alps region a hot spot for joint innovation in smart systems and system integration, respective to industrial competitiveness, sustainability, digital age and European sovereignty. One step towards the initiation of cooperative projects between science and industry is to provide a  clear picture about  “who is who”  in the scientific  Silicon Alps landscape of hardware system integration respective to:  materials design; modelling and simulation; characterization and reliability; system integration processes;  and integrated systems and circuits.

Following information about each scientific partner is provided:

  • Data about the institution
  • Core contribution to hardware system integration with detailed competences
  • Best practice project examples
  • Contact persons

Looking forward to your use of the competence overview!

Feel free to spread it!


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