exclusive events


The COMPETENCEFORUM is currently the largest event in our event series. The aim is to develop specific focal topics within the industry, to increase the professionalisation and qualification of the community and to create networks and awareness. The format provides for a total duration of 4-5 hours, 3-5 impulse lectures of 15-20 minutes each, followed by a panel discussion with moderation, and a networking buffet. The keynote speeches will deal with related topics and will be spanned by the panel discussion.


SPOTLIGHT will focus on the host company and its services and products. The company should have the opportunity to present and introduce itself and its innovations/products. The format provides for a total duration of approx. 3 hours, 1-3 presentations of 20-30 minutes each, an optional panel discussion and a company tour with a subsequent networking buffet.


The location of a cooperation partner or an interesting external company is visited. The visited company has the opportunity to present itself and its products/innovations, as well as to conduct a guided tour through the company. The format provides for a total duration of 4-5 hours.


The aim of EXPERTSBRUNCH is to provide information, the latest findings and developments on a key topic. Encouraging lateral thinking, networking and interaction, as well as creating new perspectives and viewpoints on specific topics. TheEXPERTSBRUNCH is intended to point out and clarify gaps in knowledge and information. The format provides for a total duration of 2 hours with an expert presentation of 45-60 minutes each and/or a discussion between two experts of 20-30 minutes each with subsequent questions directed to the expert. In terms of content, only one main topic is to be dealt with. Afterwards there will be a networking buffet.