ON STAGE: Trustworks

!!! ON STAGE !!!
We proudly present: our latest stage video!
This time our spotlights shine on TRUSTWORKS!
Trustworks GmbH is a security consulting and security research company. The company portfolio covers a wide range of security auditing capabilities ranging from web security and software security audits to embedded security as well as low level hardware and microchip security analysis. Their special lab equipment allows them to go very deeply to serve the necessary requirements in security projects. 

The founder Markus Kammerstetter gives interesting insides of their broad range of high level of security testing. With their deep technical background and broad experience the team of Trustworks is able to find the right solution for systems, where we tend to put a lot of trust without any knowledge about their technical security implications. 

Their core concept is to solve hard challenges in terms of security and, as Markus said, “to hack for a good purpose.”