ON STAGE: Spath Micro Electronic Design GmbH (MEDS)

!!!ON STAGE!!!

We proudly present: our latest stage video!
This time our spotlights shine on >>> MEDS <<<

The motivated team of hardware and software specialists around MEDS loves the challenge of keeping pace with the constantly evolving technology. With their innovative strength, they succeed in following the constant change of the market and even determine it in several segments. Whether it is automotive, medical technology or consumer electronics, MEDS is at the forefront everywhere. The company’s future-proof technologies will still be around tomorrow.

The CEO of Spath Micro Electronic Design GmbH (MEDS) Günther Spath tells us about the company philosophy, the vision and the interplay of experience and fresh ideas.

With experience, curiosity and a view of the big picture, MEDS develops solutions that decisively shape the future.