Next Breakthrough for KML VISION

Multichannel Imaging Feature Update

The KML Vision team is restlessly working on the further development and optimization of the functionalities of the IKOSA Platform.
The multichannel fluorescence imaging feature is a valuable addition to their project portfolio, enabling users to upload images created with a multichannel imaging device such as a multi-fluorescence microscope.



The visualization of individual channels and regions distinctively is essential for the researchers. Having always in mind the needs of their customers, KML Vision developed a new functionality. Now IKOSA Platform users can select specific intensity ranges for individual channels, allowing the visualization of regions and elements of interest in images even better.

With this feature they are addressing an important requirement of the researchers who want to examine the signal of a single wavelength in detail when studying the samples.



CAM Assay Application Launched

Last week KML Vision released a brand-new Deep Learning image analysis application on their IKOSA Platform to ease the life of researchers and speed up their discoveries.

In ex-vivo angiogenesis research, they quantify blood vessels on chick chorioallantoic membranes (CAM). Their new application segments blood vessels in microscopy images from CAM assay samples fully-automatically and measures their total area, length, mean thickness and the number of branching points. Compared to semi-automated examination, results are now 100% reproducible and available in a fraction of time!

Just like all other applications of the IKOSA Platform, this feature can immediately be tried out for free on your images.



Guided Tour Through The IKOSA Platform

Now onboarding onto the IKOSA Platform has become easier than ever. They just integrated a guided tour feature that will take you through their platform and the use of the different tools and image analysis applications. Just click on your account button on the top right corner to start the guided tour and discover how the IKOSA Platform can facilitate your workflow.