Afterword: Welcome to the Big World of Very Small Things

Welcome to the big world of very small things

Together with the Green Tech Cluster, we were invited to the cluster meeting at Infineon in Graz on Tuesday 6 March 2018.

Thematically, everything revolved around the big world of very small things. More than 35 participants used the cross-sector cluster meeting as an opportunity to take an exclusive look behind the scenes of semiconductor giant Infineon. The event was opened by Stefan Rohringer (Vice President of Development Center Graz), who introduced the international company and provided an insight into their most important lines of business. The focus was on energy efficiency, mobility and data security – the three main challenges facing society.

The future of data security

In the subsequent lectures, a lot of space was dedicated to data security, as this will present a particularly great challenge in the future. Quantum cryptography was presented as the future of data encryption. This entails the use of quantum mechanical effects as part of the cryptographic procedures for encrypting information. Finally, the eMobility Center Carinthia EMC2presented innovative solutions from scooters to E-Vespas. With regard to re-use, it was all about retrofit kits for batteries.