Afterwords: ÖRRG Annual Conference and starting signal of the Cluster Focus Group Cleanroom & Technology

Fotos Credit: ÖRRG / Michael Baumgartner

On the 29th of June 2018 the ÖRRG Annual Conference & SummerFestival (the largest network meeting of the Austrian cleanroom industry) took place in Riegersburg. Over 50 cleanroom experts met to exchange their knowledge and industry information in the form of lectures and a cosy summer party with a view of Riegersburg Castle.
This year’s lectures were mainly dedicated to the topic“Microelectronics”. Silicon Alps was pleased to be co-organiser of the ÖRRG Annual Conference in 2018!

The high-carat program offered a very good selection of topics relevant for microelectronics.

  • The current requirements of microelectronics production for cleanrooms were illustrated by highly interesting examples in the field of semiconductor manufacturing: The optical sensors in the Flexible Extension of ams AG’s sensor production at the Premstätten site(Dr. Günter Leditzky, Project Manager, ams AG) and the changed equipment requirements for cleanrooms in microelectronicsas integrated mini-environments (Hans-Dieter Preiml, Senior Manager, Infineon Technologies Austria AG).
  • Further aspects concerned systemic control strategies for airborne molecular contamination (AMC) (Dr. Guillaume Gallet, Global Product Manager, Microelectronics and Industrial Molecular Filtration,  CAMFIL),hygienic humidification in microelectronics(Wolfgang Baumgartner, Paprstein, Condair) and ePTFE andeFRMmembrane HEPA filters for applications in microelectronicsand pharmacy (Dr. Guillaume Gallet, Global Product Manager, Microelectronics andIndustrial Molecular Filtration, CAMFIL).-Eng. Marc Schmidt, AAF Luftreinigungssysteme GesmbH)
  • A special section has been dedicated to news in the area of Standards & Norms. Carsten Moschner of dastexadvocated the necessary international standardization (ISO) for cleanroom consumables. Peter Furtner of CLS Ingenieur GmbHexplained the changes in Annex 1: Production of Sterile Drugs – Focus on Cleanroom Technology
  • The buildings are technically changing in the direction of the “Internet of Buildings”, therefore the results-oriented maintenance and the “Mechanical Health on Demand” are key topics for cleanrooms of the future (OBS (Object Based Services) and improvement of the availability of cleanrooms, Thomas Haiden,Honeywell Austria)
  • The mapping of the physics of cleanrooms poses a great challenge, whether for educational purposes or technical development/production. Solutions in the field of modelling and simulation are in demand – keyword ‘virtual cleanrooms’, like in Unleash the full potential of Virtual Cleanrooms!(Ass.Prof. Stefan Radl, TU Graz).


The emphasis that “awareness of what cleanrooms are all about is very important”(Dr. Günter Leditzky) is proving to be forward-looking for future industry activities. As a result of the increasing interest in the topic of cleanroom & technology in Silicon Alps clusters, we are pleased to report on the establishment of the cluster focus group within the framework of the ÖRRG annual conference.

In an imaginative kick-off workshop following the conference presentations, we set the course for the future of cooperation. Guiding vision: establishment of cleanroom technology as a core technology in the corresponding value chain and beyond! In order to achieve this, the problems and needs of all those involved with cleanroom technology are to be identified, development directions defined and concrete activities planned for 2018 and 2019.

After Josef Ortner (Managing Director, Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH) and Dr. Oana Mitrea (Project Manager, Silicon Alps Cluster) presented this vision, there were intensive group discussions about the measures and activities in the following fields of action.

One of the first activities of the group will be the participation in Experience Expo Lounges on Tour Vienna (25-26th of September, Vienna).

We are looking for committed lecturers in the following areas:“Cleanroom Comprehension and Requirements”– 2 speakers for a possible tandem:

  • Cleanroom supplier will present own perspective (understanding & dealing with specific industry requirements)
  • a potentially interested company (not yet involved) comments/reacts to the presentation and shows where the blind spots of communication and clarity are from its point of view, or where everything is working correctly
  • “Developing the cleanroom of the future”: lectures on the technical challenges and solutions in the field of microelectronics/electronics/mechatronics


We are looking forward to future cooperation with the Austrian Cleanroom Society (ÖRRG)and Styria!


Fotos Credit: ÖRRG / Michael Baumgartner