“your story moves the mind”

Fighting poverty in industrial, well established cities and communities is a social need that targets everyone. Mobility and poverty are in fact interlinked. Mobility is the sign of freedom, poverty a sign of cities and communities that are out of balance.

What is your story about mobility and freedom? Get your personal story in our book. The #mobilitymovesminds initiative looks into the growth opportunities for your village, community and city – growing even stronger post-pandemic!

What I donate? I donate my business expertise, reading community and analytical efforts to HOMELESS ENTREPRENEUR and create with homeless colleagues a story and solutions book for a community of 150.000 and more.

With your donation of €50 or more you get your personal interview and become featured in the special edition and a novel book format. With €450 we cover your village, community or city and let the light shine on again.

Let’s start gaining freedom back for our homeless peers!

This year digital value creators and homeless entrepreneur are on a mission to end homelessness for 100 homeless people thanks to work and active citizenship. To achieve this goal, we have to raise 300.000€.

The estimated cost of helping one homeless person is 3.080€ per year. See transparency

This project, aims to end homelessness one person at a time.