More flexibility from the cloud ?!

“More flexibility from the cloud ?!”

Experience in the implementation of cloud solutions and how they will be built in the future

Tuesday, 28 March 2017, from 17:00 Graz University of Technology, HS i12 “INFONOVA Hörsaal”, Inffeldgasse 16b, 8010 Graz

Cloud computing allows IT services and IT infrastructures to be outsourced and made available to local users via a network or the Internet. The technical paradigm of the service paradigm is of great importance in the technical realization, which is expressed, among other things, by the different types of implementations of cloud computing, such as software as a service (SaaS). To introduce cloud solutions presents new challenges to companies. At the 46th Digital Dialogue we learn from the experience of European SMEs regarding organizational, technical and operational measures. In the cloud data, information and knowledge multiply exponentially. Based on this new data treasure, cognitive technologies can make suggestions and learn independently from the questions and answers. IBM is putting large pieces on this technology and gave it the name of its founder: Watson.

For the software developer, there are of course some questions: (1) How does cloud computing affect the development of software? (2) What are the implications of the development of cloud services on the development process? (3) What are the software engineering challenges in the development of cloud systems?

Find out more about this topic on 28.03.2017 at the 46th Digital Dialogue and discuss with us.

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