Leading in a “State of Emergency”

HR HUB „Leadership in real-time decisions”

A quick decision is expected from you and you feel a “decision blockage”. Or: You don’t know whether you can trust your gut instinct when making a decision.

To get to the bottom of this question, we looked into it at the HR HUB of the Silicon Alps Cluster. We have found out that we have to react differently to different challenges: A complicated situation can be solved by perceiving, analyzing and categorizing. A complex or even chaotic situation has to be handled completely differently and requires excellent leadership; management alone is no longer sufficient here.

Emergency organizations are particularly familiar with this situation. That is why we took advice from the experts AK DI Dr. Helmut Aschbacher, MBA and Mag. Julia Goldgruber. Experts from the University of Graz and the Red Cross have jointly developed a seminar concept that addresses this issue. At our network meeting, the two clearly explained why such training supports managers and, above all, how.

Under pressure and coercion, one moves towards an adrenaline decision. Due to the “foreign context”, managers act more openly than in their own company. This increases the acceptance of errors and learning from experience happens almost “automatically”. In the reflection phase one goes on the search for needs that have been hurt and by means of “nonviolent communication” blind spots of ourselves are discovered and dealt with.

In an XVR environment, the participants are placed in the role of operational command. The workshop trainers also have an impact on the manager, resulting in a high level of immersion in the environment. The manager feels almost “real” in the challenge. Afterwards, what one has experienced is processed and reflected on together.

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We would like to thank them for the exciting explanations and the inspiring discussions that followed. And we are pleased to be able to offer this training for you and your managers:


Leadership training “Decisions in action”

Cooperative training concept (since 2015), scientifically supported by the Institute for Entrepreneurship

When: 1 day (probably in June 2021)

Where: Graz

Costs: 100€ to 300€ (depending on number and partnership)

Objectives and implementation:

  • Make decisions in real time and at high frequency, make decisions despite a lack of information, rethink management behavior over and over again
  • Implementation in XVR learning environment: “generated leadership scenarios” direct interaction with trainers

Registration & information under: elisabeth.berghold@silicon-alps.at