“Sub System Integration” Kick-off Meeting

A cluster focus group is currently being set up around the themes of “Smart System Integration”, which will identify the relevant activities in the topic area with special attention to sensor systems, power electronics and high-frequency technologies and will make regional strengths and development opportunities visible as the nucleus of future collaborations. The future activities of the group will take place in close coordination with Silicon Austria Labs.

As part of the Silicon Alps Annual Conference 2017, perspectives on system integration, benefits for group members and thematic priorities and formats have been explored. These will be deepened and continued in an upcoming kick-off meeting:

WHEN: 08/02/2018

TIME: 9am to 1pm followed by networking at the buffet

WHERE: Lakeside Park, B11, “Lakeside Spitz” Event Centre, Turing Room


  • Welcome/introduction
  • Round of introductions
  • Voting on the action areas and measures
  • Prioritisation of measures in 2018
  • Wrap-up: networking, cooperations, calls

We look forward to working with you! If you are interested in participating in the group, please contact oana.mitrea@silicon-alps.at