Invitation to the Workshop: “Discover the principle of 3-Tier Mobility for your business and get to know how to apply it”

Dr. Barbara Flügge, Founder and Managing Director of “digital value creators” (DVC), will be giving a workshop on “discovering the principle of 3-Tier Mobility for your business and getting to know how to apply it”.


May 4, 2021, in German, 10:00 – 12:00
May 5, 2021, in English, 10:00 – 12:00
Costs: EUR 79 / participation incl. book (GER & ENG)


The following topics will await you at the workshop:

Welcome note by Silicon Alps Cluster

Introducing Dr. Barbara Flügge

  • Post-Corona – With-Corona – NoMatterWhat-Corona
  • Resilience as construct: background & influencing factors
  • Resilience as experience – interactive session
  • Incident & event: what moves your company – interactive
  • The resilient corporation: a superorganism?
  • What does «diversatility» means – interactive
  • Discussion & conclusion
  • Virtual book handover



Learn the basics of entrepreneurial resilience, gain backstage insights and
revisit entrepreneurial decisions driven by the traits of resilience and agility!

Ideal for:

– Executives

– Operational leaders

– Subject matter experts

– Knowhow experts


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Attention: There will be two dates for the workshop: one for GERMAN and one for ENGLISH! (please choose the correct one in the application form)


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Dr. Barbara Flügge

Founder & Managing Director of digital value creators (DVC) GmbH, digitization expert with global reputation for connected ecosystem-wide transformation, business coach, Top Job of the World & Social Impact awards, keynote speaker, providing tools and methods for growth, international bestselling author on Mobility Moves Minds & implementation consultant.

Her offerings:

    • For executives – what Netflix, Uber, and Clubhouse teach us
  • Flying Diver Program
    • Your roadmap from product to services company
    • Servitization in a unique program: performance driven, interactive and compact
  • Interactive and digital advisory about
    • 9 Business Designs for companies that want more
    • Market analysis driven by the DVC Ecosystem KPIs
    • Human and AI relevant Persona Profiling
    • SafetyNets for corporations and staff – 2-month self-development program
    • Diversity, Equality, Inclusion – relevance and transforming corporate life & performance
  • Empowerment & Anchoring for corporations and staff


Contact details:

Dr. Barbara Flügge
digital value creators (DVC) Ltd. est. 2019 &