INVITATION: AAIC – Applied Artificial Intelligence in Semiconductors Conference, June 17

We cordially invite you to the AAIC – AI in Semiconductors!

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and neural networks are the logical continuation of automation provided by higher computing power. Artificial intelligence has already made its entry into everyday life through enormous increases in efficiency, especially for businesses.

The AAIC, in a number of highlight events, seeks to raise the awareness for AI and its importance for business by showing practical AI applications across business verticals and functions by inviting leading AI experts, companies and researchers from around the world. Business professionals and AI experts will have the chance to bounce ideas and discuss concrete steps at the events.

The AAIC is organized by the AI Austria and Advantage Austria in cooperation with Silicon Alps.


The next AAIC on June 17  will focus on Applied AI in semiconductors

Topics covered:

  • AI in chip design
  • AI in chip production and quality control
  • AI-specific designs ASICS or FPGAs
  • AI tooling to enable edge deployment

Key facts:

  • B2B conference bringing together semiconductor, chip-design and AI professionals
  • Format: International speakers and partners such as Silicon Alps & many others
  • Admission: free participation
  • Date: 17.6.2021, from 10:00 – 16:00
  • Location: online 

General Facts of the AAIC: How real world businesses make use of AI

  • Use cases of Artificial Intelligence for businesses
  • 2300+ participants from 77 nations
  • Free of charge for companies, r&d institutions and public organizations
  • Participate via browser, smartphone or tablet
  • Join keynotes and interact with speakers
  • 1:1 business meetings managed via Video Conference Calls
  • Deep-dive workshop video conferences in small groups
  • Meet our exhibitors at their virtual booths

The theme of the conference: Let’s make AI work for your business!