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Silicon Alps supports partner companies in international business development with measures such as joint trade fair appearances, delegation and business connection trips.

The microelectronics industry is a diverse and highly international industry. Silicon Alps is engaged in export marketing and offers internationalisation measures at various levels.

“The aim of Silicon Alps Cluster GmbH is to promote the optimal perception of the Styrian and Carinthian partner companies and to raise the profile of the companies and RTOs combined in the cluster region on an international level”. 

In the age of rapid technical changes, the opportunities for our cooperation partners lie in their know-how of global trends and their knowledge of current developments. Domestic start-ups and SMEs are often focused on the domestic market and do not know what opportunities other markets offer.  Silicon Alps therefore offers not only marketing of the cluster region, but also events to impart knowledge and get to know other regions and markets, as well as international networking of our cooperation partners.

As a member of the Silicon Europe Alliance, our cooperation partners have the opportunity to collaborate with around 2500 European companies, RTOs and government institutions. The assumption of Günther Lackner’s vice-presidency in 2018 enables the Silicon Alps Cluster to play a leading role in cooperation efforts at European level. Furthermore, Silicon Alps will take over the “Action Line Events” in the Alliance in 2018, i.e. the management and coordination of the international events relevant for all clusters within the Alliance.


Our goal is, as described in Vision 2025 in the Annual Plan 2018, is to further increase the level of awareness of South Austria in an international context as an innovative and efficient production and development location with outstanding research capacities.

“We are one of the world’s best training centers for the electronics industry and an attractive job market for national and international talent. Due to the technological significance for the industrialisation of Europe, the growth of the technology field, the competitiveness of national players and their added value, we are a key national sector and a natural part of national and international designprocesses”.

  • Increasing the international visibility of the site
  • Increasing foreign trade in the cluster region
  • To make the attractiveness of the region visible for national and international talents.
  • Supporting our companies in winning customers and business partners abroad
  • Supporting our research institutions in the search for partners for research projects
  • Getting to know other countries and markets
  • Knowledge transfer regarding international developments and trends
  • Networking with European and non-European companies, research institutions and government institutions


In the non-European area, the key region “Greater China” will be pursued in 2018. This year’s delegation trip is planned for calendar week 37 and will lead to Taipei and Shanghai. The delegation trip, in the presence of political representatives, portrays the climax of the internationalization activities of the cluster in 2018.


  • Knowledge transfer about other regions/markets
  • Defining a country priority in the designated year for which events and a trip are planned (2017 and 2018: Greater China)
  • Organisation of a delegation trip with representatives from business, politics, government institutions, research institutions and media (2018: Shanghai and Taipei)
  • Organisation of a trip abroad with a focus on the following topics:
  • Cooperation with the European clusters within the framework of the Silicon Europe Alliance
  • Participation in monthly voting telephone conferences
  • Networking activities in the Silicon Europe Alliance (joint exhibition stands and other events with the European clusters),
  • Leading co-design and coordination of the activities of the Silicon Europe Alliance within the framework of the Vice Presidency of GF Günther Lackner in 2018, takeover of the Action Line “Events”
  • Organisation of a trip to get to know another cluster and its cooperation partners
  • Joint activities with institutions that are also active in the field of internationalisation (e.g. IV, WKO, ICS) and reference to their activities.
  • Export marketing at all events
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Few areas in our day-to-day life manage without products and components from the microelectronics, electronics or mechatronics industry. This, in turn, is a strong motor and an opportunity for the entire supplier industry. In my opinion, it is the suppliers, i.e. the small and medium-sized enterprises, that will benefit most from the microelectronics cluster Carinthia-Styria. The cluster is a platform that supports and encourages us suppliers to develop further and build new capabilities. For many this is even a stepping stone to access new sectors and markets.

Josef Ortner
CEO, Ortner Group

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