International School Carinthia — Developing bright futures one child at a time…

International School Carinthia aspires to offer a dynamic educational experience for young people in grades 1-12 focused on:

  • 21st century approaches to learning,
  • Rigorous academic offerings and outcomes,
  • Local, regional and global perspectives,
  • International mindedness and intercultural understanding, and
  • Character formation informed by Christian values.

Each student will be empowered with a lifelong love of learning and a fervent desire to contribute positively to our world.

At the end of students’ primary school career, ISC challenges students to conduct an “Exhibition” project on different topics. The students need to develop a central idea, write their own lines of inquiry, collect information and research, plan their Exhibition presentation, begin to work on their action component, and finally practice for their final assessment on their Exhibition day.

This year, the PYP 5 Exhibition theme was Sustainability. Inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Ella Philipp and Rosa Pacher made a questionnaire with n=>200, interviewed 4 experts, and conducted a lot of independent research on the question: Internet access – right or privilege? The ISC Director picked out their exhibition project to be presented in front of Minister Margarete Schramböck and Peter Weidinger, Member of the National Council, to showcase ISC’s use of digitalization in the classroom and because their topic aligned so well with the Minister’s work on digital affairs in Austria.

Please read the following note by James Brightman (Director ISC).

Dear Parents:

Your girls impressed a whole team of visitors from the Ministry of Digital and Economic Affairs and the Bildungsdirektion last week.  They were so knowledgeable, articulate, and confident in front of our guests and took difficult questions with ease and grace.  We are so proud of them and thankful they took time to represent ISC so well during the Minister’s visit.  Thank you for your support of them.  They are truly impressive and amazing young women.

Silicon Alps welcomes this school initiative very much. It enables the youngest talents to acquire fundamental knowledge in MINT subjects and motivation for intrinsic learning.  As a very proud father, I would like to thank the ISC and of course my beautiful loving daughter.

Christian Philipp

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