Innovationskongress Villach: Security and Connectivity

Silicon Alps will organize Session 5 on the topic “Security and Connectivity” at the Innovationskongress 2019 on Wednesday, 13 November 2019 from 13:30 pm. The lectures are intended to represent the central topics in the Silicon Alps Cluster and also offer relevance for a broad audience. The most important risks for the highly complex socio-technical systems of the future will be made visible with examples and some solutions for increasing their resistance will be presented. A total of three lectures are planned, each lasting about 20 minutes, offering time for questions and subsequent discussion on the topic. Andreas Reiter (Siemens), Stefan Kraxberger (secinto) as well as Martin Griesbacher (University of Graz) could be won as speakers.


Martin Griesbacher, Assistent am Forschungsnetwerk Human Factor in Digital Transformation, Universität Graz

Hristina Veljanova, Projektmitarbeiterin am Arbeitsbereich Politische Philosophie – Institut für Philosophie, Universität Graz

„Der Faktor Mensch in der Cybersecurity kleiner und mittlerer Unternehmen“

Stefan Kraxberger, CEO, secinto

„Cyber Security – Must be a love story”

Andreas Reiter, Siemens AG

“Cyber Security Challenges for Industry 4.0”


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