Innovation & Cooperation

The approximately 40 guests joint the EXPERTSBRUNCH on May 18 at the Klagenfurter Seepark Hotel. In addition to numerous high-profile lecturers from the Austrian sponsorship scene, there also was an update on the activities of the cluster presented.

Oana Mitrea, organizer of the ExpertsBrunch “Impulse for Innovation and Project Cooperation”, presented the latest developments on the part of the Silicon Alps Cluster as well as upcoming events. Currently, working groups form the core themes of the Cluster are formed on: Training & Human Resources, Regional Strategic Technology Development, Regional Value Creation & Supplier Development as well as Internationalization, Trend Scouting & Business Development. In addition, the cluster is organizing various events, such as the COMPETENCEFORUM on education at 14 June, to support these core issues. The workshop “Microelectronic Sourcing in China” will be realized on July 3 together with the ICS (Internationalisierungszentrum Styria).

Afterwards, the funding experts came to the floor. Andreas Starzacher from the KWF gave an overview of KWF instruments for the promotion of research, technology development and innovation. He emphasized that, individual advice on the support of specific projects is very useful, because of the great support offered.
Subsequently, Elisabeth Hauer from WKK spoke on the support of growth for innovative companies in Europe (Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), SME instrument in Horizon 2020). She pointed out the possibilities offered by the EEN with regard to the networking of potential cooperation partners.
Karl Biedermann from Austria Wirtschaftsservice (aws) reported on the support and financing of innovative start-ups by the aws, by offering guarantees and grants as well as the award of favorable loans, especially for young companies and start-ups. Since start-ups can not be financed by classic banks, special programs were implemented, for example one financing per milestone reached during the project implementation.
Helmut Rössler of the KĂ€rntner Sparkasse presented the support of the innovative start-up activities, for example, through start-up consulting, special grants or the GrĂŒnderakademie, where numerous experts from various fields are available for questions.
Following the impulse lectures, the participants were invited to become active themselves. In groups, proposals for solutions were elaborated and presented. During the subsequent brunch, new networks were established and ideas for cooperations could be developed. The results will be presented during the next week.

The 30 feedback sheets of the participants assessed the event according to the school notes as follows:
Total Impression: Average 1.7
Contents: Average 1.8
Duration: Average 1.7

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the next Silicon Alps events.