HR Hub Networking Meetings build a room for exchange, inspiration, information, and development in the human resource work. The Silicon Alps Cluster connects all members in the community and creates a save space for networking, exchanging, and increasing knowledge around the field of personnel management. The content is adapted to the needs of the electronic-based systems and its organisations. To document the progress and ideas we provide an HR SharePoint for our partners.

Human Ressource Activities

February 2021 Kick Off HR Hub
February 2021 Needs of large Companies (Qualification, Talent acquisition, Funding)
March 2021 Leadership Class for dynamic companies
April 2021 Strategic Human Ressource Management
May 2021 Qualification Overview
June 2021 HR Hub Marketing Culture
July 2021 Digital Leadership
July 2021 Micro Electronics culture meets Human Ressource
September 2021 Digital Leadership class
October 2021 HR Hub “Work with Youth – Generation Z”
November 2021 EBSCON

For partners only our information tool for Human Ressource Topics: HR SharePoint