Health Technology – The Next Steps

The two Silicon Alpsclusters and Styriainitiated the “Health Technology” steering committee in 2017 to efficiently address the core topic of electronics-based systems in medicine and active and healthy ageing.

The group’s second strategy workshop took place at FH Joanneumon 18/01/2018. The meeting focused on getting to know each other better, setting thematic priorities and planning joint measures for 2018.In a constructive atmosphere, the representatives of the two Silicon Alps clusters and Styria explored developments in the field of health technology and joint activities with companies and research institutions from Carinthia and Styria. Participants in the discussions: Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), AT&S, Carinthian Tech Research (CTR), Infineon Technologies Austria, JOANNEUM RESEARCH, FH JOANNEUM, FH Carinthia, TU Graz, WILD Group, Wild High Precision.

The lively discussions about the priority topics were particularly interesting. In this way, newly created requirements, such as the necessary prediction of developments in the consumer area, could be better perceived as an inspiring counterpart for medical technology. Knowledge-building and network-building activities are carried out with reference to the annual theme of “Wearables (Consumer Electronics)”, for example.

The high value of confidence building within the group and the emergence of a culture of open communication and cooperation was repeatedly emphasised as a necessary step towards successful industry development.

On behalf of the two Silicon Alps clustersand Styria, we thank you for your active participation in the Health Technology strategy meeting!