Health Technology – 3. Strategy Workshop

Health Technology – 3. Strategy Workshop

On Nov. 19th, 2018 the third strategy workshop of the Health Technology Grouptook place at the FH Kärnten.

Development directions were highlighted in which the health technology industry was aimed to be pushed more strongly in the future. Smart health, as the overarching theme, will serve to orient the cluster group for further action next year.

The question was raised as to which concrete topics & strategiescan generally generate added value for the companies and the location. In the last meetings the discussions have remained open. The technological and entrepreneurial landscape in Carinthia and Styria is highly fragmented and structurally very heterogeneous. In addition, the subject areas in medical technology are very complex. The ultimate goal should be to improve the framework conditions in which companies and researchers can collaborate and participate along the entire value chain. A central question from the point of view of the market includes, in particular, that of the actual “needs“. What are the big trends of the future? What do Smart Health systems have to do to meet tomorrow’s usage requirements – with which technologies and which methods?


Needs assessment

As a measure of the needs assessment, a results paper of the cross-cluster strategy group, on the topic Smart Health has been created: sensing – processing, giving value. This will be presented to the group as a proposal in order to enable a stronger perception of the application areas (broken down to the technology level) up to the structural challenges of the companies.


On behalf of the two clustersSilicon Alpsand Styria,we would like to thank you for your active participation in the Health Technology Strategy Meeting!