“Green Electronics” supporting the Green Deal as a core topic of the Cluster Focus Group SSI

March 2021 has been characterized by intensive interaction and exchange in the cluster focus groups. Green electronics as one of the core topics of interest in the CFG Smart Systems and System Integration provides much substance for the initiation of innovative cooperation projects in this field.

It is widely acknowledged that electronics-based systems can bring a great contribution to the fulfilment of the  Green Deal goals and therefore to more sustainable systems in various sectors.  EC envisages an action plan, which will boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy and will restore biodiversity and cut pollution. While the necessity to enhance the environmental friendliness of mobility, buildings, agriculture, etc. systems enjoys much awareness, there is still a need to clarify and visualize the contribution of electronics-based systems to the major sustainable socio-technical systems of the present and to check the sustainability of the manufacturing of Electronics itself, with no negligible carbon footprint.

The Kick-Off Workshop of the cluster focus group Smart Systems and Systems integration on 2.March 2021 aimed at clarifying the innovative contribution of Silicon Alps Companies and research institution to this topic and enabled a vivid discussion on the topics that should define our Silicon Alps approach to Green Electronics. In focus stay among others:

  • Materials research and development of novel sustainable materials, recyclability, reliability evaluation and simulation, damage analytics
  • Device Development: Green Sensorics, nano-sensors, Printed Organic Electronics
  • Energy efficiency: Power generation from renewable energy sources, energy transmission and distribution, energy storage, energy usage
  • Energy harvesting, energy efficiency, zero-emission energy supply and storage
  • Multidisciplinary modelling and characterization of electronic systems to increase efficiency and sustainability of systems
  • Green production – second life and recycling,
  • Sustainability standards, sustainability assessment with focus on EBS
  • Green digitalization, AI, machine learning/ extending life cycles

We warmly thank the colleagues from TDK Electronics, Infineon, TechMeetsLegal, K3lab, Silicon Austria Labs, MCL, PCCL, Joanneum Research, FH Kärnten, Linz Center of Mechatronics for their active participation and commitment to cooperation in this  team.

The journey continues with monthly meetings for the initiation of cooperative projects. We are looking forward to your interest!

If interested to take part to activities of this team, please contact oana.mitrea@silicon-alps.at