Finding the right assembly and interconnection technologies for system integration – Core topic of the Cluster Focus Group SSI

Effective and reliable assembly and interconnection technologies are highly relevant for a variety of players along the value chain in the production of electronic-based systems and show much innovation potential due to their increasing complexity and variety of processes. The potential technologies and materials implemented on the device level, at packaging, module design, board levels, and the integration of components and systems with various functions still require additional understanding and research.

Finding the right assembly and interconnection technologies for system integration represents a core topic for cooperation initiated by the cluster focus group “Smart Systems & System Integration”. The aim of the expert team is to explore and clarify the possibilities of available and emerging assembly and interconnection technologies required for system integration, By means of a demonstrator with a well-defined use case that appeals to as many players along the value chain as possible: e.g. power electronics device for automotive, industrial or medical application. Main research interests address the following topics:

  • Which connection methods/assemblies are possible (enumeration)?
  • What are the current requirements?
  • Deep understanding of connection reliability
  • Costs comparisons between defined methods
  • Which are useful application areas?
  • How can these be optimally designed (mechanical, electrical) to be manufactured?

The two workshops conducted on this topic in March 2021 provided us with an overview of the Silicon Alps competencies and expertise regarding the various levels in the hierarchy of the interconnected levels and also highlighted topics and possibilities for new F&E cooperation.

We warmly thank the team members from AT &S, TDK Electronics, Materials Center Leoben (MCL), Polymer Competence Center Leoben (PCCL) Joanneum Research, Silicon Austria Labs,  Infineon,  Panthronics and Linz Center of Mechatronics (LCM). 

Regular (monthly) meetings are planned on this topic. If interested, please contact