Experts Forum against Covid-19: Call for greater use of air filter technology

Dr. Josef Hackl, CEO of WILD and founding member of the experts forum cleanroom technologies against Covid-19

Experts Forum against Covid-19 calls for widespread use of air filter technology

Following a Silicon Alps initiative, Austrian specialists, including Dr. Josef Hackl, CEO WILD Group, founded an independent expert forum for modern filter technologies. Their concern is to create more awareness of the effectiveness of this technology and provide solutions for everyday life in times of the CoVid-19 pandemic. In a lot of efforts, including a positioning paper, the forum would like the public sector to support the investment and use of air filter technology with subsidy programs and regulations.

"We are focusing on interiors, i.e. the ambience in which we locate the highest risk of transmission of the pathogens"

Dr. Josef Hackl, CEO of WILD Group

In times of the pandemic, indoor filter technology has significantly gained importance. Elaborated technology allows the aerosol concentration to be handled extremely efficiently and be reduced comparatively inexpensively. As a matter of fact, viruses

spread particularly quickly in closed and poorly ventilated rooms and ventilation by opening windows is often structurally only possible to a limited extent. The ÔÇśIndependent Expert forum for clean room technologies against COVID-19ÔÇÖ – an initiative of Silicon Alps Cluster – sees itself as an interdisciplinary and honorary team that has set the goal of demonstrating the effectiveness of air filter technology. Next to manufacturers in the areas of clean room construction, air conditioning, ventilation and flow technology and apparatus and plant construction, the forum also involves experts from Graz University of Technology and Joanneum Research for their increased use of this technology.

In a row of joint efforts throughout the year, the experts want to inform the population through well-founded Data from research and practice inform and decision-makers accordingly call for swift action. “We are focusing on interiors, i.e. the ambience in which we locate the highest risk of transmission of the pathogens,” emphasizes Dr. Josef Hackl, CEO of the WILD Group. The company has been using air purifiers for months to create a germ and virus-free environment for its 450 employees. “Together with preventive measures such as masks and social distancing, we see air filter technology as an effective solution with a technology that is risk-free for people, has been tried and tested over many years and is immediately available.”

Filter pollutants off the air

Austria caters for decades of experience in keeping the air free of any harmful substances in the production of micro and nanotechnologies. It is all the more incomprehensible for the representatives of the expert forum that air filter technology is not given the necessary importance in the fight against Covid. In schools, in particular, hardly any air filter systems are currently used, although it is undisputed that ventilation technology offers excellent protection against infection. But also, for instance in conference rooms, the technology could unfold its protective effect in open-plan offices, exhibition halls, department stores and shops or public areas in hotels. This is not only very effective against coronaviruses, but generally creates virus- and pathogen-free air and thus protects against all other airborne pathogens in closed rooms.

Suitable air filter technology is also an investment in the future. It is considered a preventive measure that can be used today against existing and mutating pathogens as well as those that will come our way in the next few years. As well as against the negative influence of fine dust, pollen and fungal spores.

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