Silicon Alps Cluster opening ceremony

Silicon Alps Cluster

Our opening ceremony on 22 February 2017 was a complete success. Many guests networked late in the evening and tasted of the very good buffet and the pleasant atmosphere …

Linen loose for Silicon Alps

In Villach, the microelectronics cluster is setting sail for Carinthia and Styria.

Technology Park Villach in the district of St. Magdalen. The modern buildings, which offer about 60 successful companies a home with more than 700 employees. It is based on economic history. This was one of the largest pulp works in Austria. In the 1980s, his time was over and all attempts at sanitation failed. It was the beginning of a turning point for the city. Away from the traditional industry, to a diversified high-tech location.

High-tech location
On May 22, 2017 Villach’s Mayor Günther Albel recalled the official kick-off event of the latest tenant in the technology park: the microelectronic cluster for Carinthia and the Styrian Silicon Alps. The fact that the headquarters of this high-tech network is located in Villach is no coincidence. More than half of all patents registered in Carinthia come from this city. South Austria is a hotspot of microelectronics worldwide and Villach is one of the centers. The main task of Silicon Alps is to further develop this southern axis, as stressed the Steirischer Wirtschaftslandesrat Christian Buchmann. A project call for cooperation between science and business in the field of microelectronics, which is endowed with four million euros, will also help in April 2014.

Value creation for all
One of the main tasks of Silicon Alps is the expansion of the microelectronics competence at the top by the high-tech companies and in the broad range through the optimal utilization of the entire value chain, Gaby Schaunig, the technologist of the state of Carinthia. Landeshauptmann Peter Kaiser emphasized the significance of the industry for the people in the region. “Society 4.0” he calls the joint focus of all responsible persons of politics, science and business together on new perspectives and positive developments for the people in the country. This is also one of the tasks of the cluster.

Exploit synergies
Silicon-Alps CEO Günther Lackner compares his cluster with a ship, which is now fully equipped and on course. And the course is right. Since the official launch in December 2016, more than 60 members have hired. And new ones are coming. From high-tech industrial companies to research companies and universities, the relevant players in the industry are represented. They all benefit from the cluster. Companies can leverage synergies, benefit from the know-how of the research facilities, and thus secure a market lead. The research institutions, in turn, receive orders and thus funds for their research from the companies and can better participate in market-relevant developments through the knowledge of the companies.

Successful future
The crew of the Silicon Alps has a clear mission: to increase the competitiveness and innovation performance of the cluster members, to increase the value added in Carinthia and Styria, to strengthen the international visibility of South Austria as a high-tech region and to make the location more suitable for start-ups and company settlements. The cluster is the “baby” of business and science, both private and public. The owners of the cluster are still mixed: the industrial associations of Styria and Carinthia, Carinthian Economic Development Fund KWF and Styrian Economic Promotion SFG are the owners of the public sector. Private partners include Infineon, Cleanroom Ortner, AT & S, AVL List, NXP Semiconductors, EPCOS, CISC and the US Semiconductor Energy Intel. In the long term, the public sector shareholders will gradually withdraw, and the cluster will sail into a successful future as a purely privately managed company.