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Opportunities in Change Management for the Economic Upturn

Our cooperation partner Jean-Pierre Kallanian from EPIConsulting shows the members of the US Chamber of Commerce in Austria how to use change management in a crisis to our advantage. In the webinar “Adapting to Change or Changing to Adapt?” he compares entrepreneurship to the tasks of a gardener who creates a leading framework but is also always exposed to external factors. Many change processes are triggered by interaction with others and inspiration. Kallanian advises exchanging ideas with other industries and generations in order to gain new perspectives. He attaches great importance to the playful component, which leads to exploring new solutions. Changes need clear, measurable goals that are easy to understand for everyone involved; it needs to be understood that every change is an act of strength and can trigger fears in people. The change expert recommends small steps that the entire organization can follow. In addition, a safe environment is needed that allows for mistakes and a clear focus to accompany the psychological process.

Companies implementing change facilitation process that encourages an internal change to adapt culture is better able to adapt to an external or unforeseen change from the outside” says Kallanian with conviction.


Watch the inspiring video of the interactive webinar “Adapting to Change or Changing to Adapt”:


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