SAC @ Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 27.02.-02.03.2017

Mobile World Congress

Barcelona, ​​27.02.-02.03.2017.

We were able to participate in a joint stand within the scope of the Showcase of the Barcelona Foreign Trade Center Austria.

SAC @ Mobile World Congress

  • 110.00 visitors demand logistical masterpieces
  • Nostalgia: Nokia 3310 as a public magnet
  • “The car is probably the best mobile device out there” Anthony Levandowski, CEO & Founder Otto

As every year, the Mobile World Congress took place this year in Barcelona. For just under a week, 110,000 visitors will be strolling around the Fira Gran Via to admire the latest handheld models, virtual and augmented reality, robots and drones, cars and gadgets.

We visited the fair as part of the Showcase of the Barcelona Foreign Trade Center Austria and were able to participate in special networking events, in addition to a joint stand. The 50 companies from Austria, mainly from Vienna and Lower Austria, took advantage of this opportunity.

Technically, there was a lot of news at the MWC, but also some old acquaintances: besides the Sony Experia XZ Premium, the LG G6 or the Huawei P10, the relaunch of the Nokia 3310, produced by HMD, caused a lot of attention. Nokia stand was definitely the greatest when I visited the exhibition. The fact that Snake and the iconic ringtone can inspire crowds is probably due to the nostalgia that we all feel in us when we think about this mobile phone. Of 22 hours of talk time and a standby time of one month (!), Modern smartphone owners can just dream. Also familiar, but in a new look: the Blackberry KeyOne, now under TCL, was a bit out of the way and also somewhat less noticed.

The topics 5G, AR and VR, AI and robots were ubiquitous, but also the range of the automobile industry was not to be underestimated. From Seat to Mercedes, Bosch and BMW, renowned manufacturers presented their innovations in the area of ​​Connected and Autonomous Driving. One highlight was certainly the presentation of the world’s first autonomous racing car, the Robocar from Roborace. In addition to the main event, Fira Montjuic hosted the start-up trade fair 4 Years From Now (4YFN) at the second exhibition center, where domestic start-ups were also able to present themselves to an international audience and interested parties were able to find out about financing options of any kind.

Overpowering – this is probably the word that first comes to mind for this event. A good planning in advance, even by the eventapp, where you could set meetings in advance, are essential. The flood of lectures, workshops and networks events can not be accommodated in the few days, at least all keynotes are already available online. Equally worth seeing: the Mobile World Congress as a 360 degree virtual reality experience.

For 2018, we are planning a joint participation with our cooperation partners at the Mobile World Congress. ¡Hasta pronto, Barcelona!