EDERA SAFETY has recognized the critical change in this time and faced the safety challenge.
A lack of facial expressions, acoustic problems and hardly any comfort – these are known problems with existing masks. Designers and creatives in particular are not really satisfied with existing solutions. The team of Design Studio EDERA SAFETY was facing the same issues. This desire for better solutions was the starting shot for the first sketches for the EDERA Mask. The goal: designing and creating a mask for the new everyday challenges.

The EDERA Mask was developed for professional use. A disciplined and correct use of a mask and compliance with the general Covid rules can help to minimize the risk of infection. The EDERA mask combines wearing comfort, improved speech quality and increased self-protection, always with the pursuit of a technical improvement on the market available masks and face shields.


Project Description

The Austrian Mobility Safety Initiative, commissioned EDERA SAFETY, and local national stakeholders with the product development of a new type of personal safety equipment ecosystem in order to support service providers in transport and supply in 2021. The product ecosystem contains a see through mask and portable dry disinfection unit. It is based on the principle of ski goggles and was developed together with a leading Austrian facility for ski goggles.

These products are currently approaching the finish line for mass production, that’s why we would like to get feedback from potential customers.


EDERA MASK Product Description

The mask consists of a transparent, exchangeable “Super Anti-Fog” lens, a washable TPU frame, filter foams and a fleece-coated face pad for individual adjustment.

The mask will be available in two versions:

EDERA MASK “LIGHT” – Passive, washable face mask with 1.5 hours of guaranteed anti-fogging at constant room temperature (available end of January 2021).

EDERA MASK “PLUS” – Active mask with electronic temperature control and guaranteed anti-fogging for 6 hours at changing ambient temperatures (available end of March 2021).



In order to guarantee their customers the possibility of quality disinfection and reusability, they also offer the following disinfection unit:

EDERA MASK DESINFECTION UNIT “DRYPLAS” – disinfection box with patented TDK CeraPlas technology (available April 2021).

Developed and produced in Austria. 100% Made in Europe.



The EDERA MASK “LIGHT” product will be ready for delivery from the end of January with a volume of 5,000 pieces per week.

In the last few weeks they have produced a limited quantity of (“Salesman Prototypes”), which is now available for potential B2B customers for assessment and testing.


Anyone interested in a customized mask tailored for their needs, is kindly asked to coordinate a meeting with EDERA.



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