Is your company GDPR fit?


As of the 25th of May 2018, the provisions of the Data Protection Adaptation Act 2018 and the GDPR will apply. The Data Protection Act 2000 will be replaced by these laws.

With Stefan Kraxberger from Secinto,  we at Silicon Alps have an expert in the cluster who will be happy to advise you. On this page we will offer help with the most urgent questions.


What are the special differences between the previous DSG and the one that will soon come into force?

  • Protection of natural persons (formerly also legal persons)
  • No reporting obligation (DVR), you’re responsible for compliance, implementation and documentation
  • Strengthening the rights of the person concerned
  • Obligation to appoint a data protection officer in certain circumstances (very likely to be interpreted more broadly than the text of the law indicates)
  • Obligation to report data misuse to the data protection authority and the data subject (under certain circumstances)
  • Massive increase in penalties for violations of the law


Due to the massive increase in penalties, the GDPRhas now become very well anchored in the consciousness of the population. What are the necessary steps for early companies to be DSG 2018 compliant? In the coming weeks we will provide more detailed information on all points.


  • Reviewing the need for and appointing a Data Protection Officer
  • Creation of a list of processing activities
  • Reviewing all processing operations for risk and conducting a privacy impact assessment if necessary
  • Verification of compliance with data protection principles in all processing operations
  • Reviewing and implementing data protection measures
  • Planning and implementing information duties
  • Planning and implementing rights of affected parties
  • Renewing or adjusting contracts and framework conditions with contract processors
  • Planning and testing reporting processes and DSB communication
  • Training and instructing employees
  • Creating and living your privacy policy
  • Creating awareness in management and obtaining assurance of support


These are some things that need to be done. In the coming weeks we will pick out some of these points and explain them in more detail. If you need support or advice, please contact a data protection lawyer or a trusted expert. We at Secinto and Silicon Alps will of course be happy to provide you with help and advice.

Our expert for all questions regarding the GDPR:

Dr. Stefan Kraxberger

Managing director

Secinto is a service company with a focus on Cyber Security. Many years of experience make Secinto the perfect partner for companies from all sectors who either want to implement information security in their own company or develop their own security products and need support.

In the video Stefan Kraxberger refers to files and forms. You can download these exercise files  and thus better understand the necessary steps.


Your customer data easily and securely encrypted according to GDPR

On WordPress-based websites, the tool can quickly adapt to new regulations. Personalised data such as e-mail addresses and customer and user names can currently be read relatively easily by hackers and attackers. This data is encrypted effortlessly and quickly by our plugin, which makes it useless for third parties and cannot be decrypted.

With just a few clicks, your personalised data is encrypted and protected from possible attackers.

The plugin is installed in the backend of the website by your admin, EDP employee or, if desired, by us. Immediately after installation, the function and thus the encryption of your personalized data is available.

To make the data visible again, enter a code transmitted by us that’s ready to use. The code should be stored like a pin code for your ATM card. In case of loss please contact us; we will do our best to provide the code as soon as possible.

  • easy to handle – “GDPR -FIT” in a few minutes
  • Data will only be decrypted locally and after entering the code
  • secure against attacks and hackers
  • easy installation in the backend
  • optimized for WordPress-based websites


Download the WordPress Plugin info brochure.

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