“Digital? Safe! ”- Digital skills for Styrian students

On 1st of July the team “Digital? Safe!” invided to a workshop at the premises of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce. Together with representatives from the Styrian economy, current developments in the field of cybersecurity were discussed. The results of the workshop will be incorporated into the development of the learning app.

For the “Digital? Safe! learning app, current challenges, measures and experiences in the field of cybersecurity from Styrian companies will be taken into account. On this occasion the “Digital? Safe!” team with Stefan Thalmann (BANDAS Center), Johannes Zeiringer (BANDAS Center) and Michael Fasching (pedagogical professionalization) met following representatives of the Styrian economy:

  • Wolfgang Schinagl (WKO Cyber Security Hotline)
  • Christian Kittl (IT Consulting)
  • Caroline Moik (WKO Information Technology Section)
  • Dominic Neumann (WKO, Information and Consulting)
  • Andreas Reiter (Security Architect Siemens) and
  • Christina Safratmüller (Silicon Alps Cluster GmbH)

The focus was on current developments in cyber security topics, which young people should master before entering professional life in order to build up their resistance to cyber attacks. The results of the workshop will be incorporated into the further development of the learning app.

What the project is about

One of the most important skills in the digital age is a responsible behavior in dealing with information and communication technologies (ICT). This rise of competencies should start in schools to provide young people with a basic digital education before they enter professional life, so that awareness against cyber-attacks can be built up and the training of wrong routines can be prevented. The project “Digital? Safe! ” connects here and develops a learning app to develop skills in dealing with cybersecurity rules and data for young people in the 9th to 13th grade. The focus of the learning app is on a game-oriented approach with a pedagogical methodology, a combination of offline and online activities, group work and the inclusion of anonymous case studies from the Styrian economy.

The two-year project is under the lead of the Karl-Franzens-University Graz (pedagogical professionalization, sociology) in cooperation with the BANDAS Center (Center for Business Analytics and Data Science), the Center for Social Research, and the Know Center (Research Center for Data Driven Businesses & Big Data Analytics) and Logo Jugendmanagement GmbH from 2020 to 2022.

For detailed information please visit the official page of Karl-Franzens University Graz: https://digitalsicher.uni-graz.at/de/