Cluster Focus Shanghai & Taipei Trip | 09/09/2018 – 16/09/2018 | A cooperation between Advantage Austria, Internationalisation Centre Styria, Silicon Alps

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Greater China and in particular the regions around Shanghai (PR China) and Taipei (Taiwan) are a crucial link in the global value chain for the microelectronics industry as a key sector, and thus essential in Asia’s traditionally strong electronics supply industry.

An economic policy characterised by government subsidies, infrastructure investments and structural change should entail an expansion of trade relations. This will be supported by promoting innovation, research and development in selected sectors such as ICT, IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Machinery and Industry 4.0, as well as digitalisation campaigns. An improvement in the competitive conditions for foreign invested enterprises and the integration of big data and artificial intelligence into the real economy should also lead to an appreciation of the Chinese economy and further trade policy openings.

Taiwan, with its high-tech industries, excellent infrastructure and well-trained workforce, is considered one of Asia’s high-tech hubs and has boosted its economic growth through rising export rates, bringing about a turnaround.  The gain in market share in the ICT and electronics industry as the largest growth markets has thus also strengthened Taiwan’s position as an ICT hub.

For successful Austrian companies and research institutions in the field of microelectronics, it is therefore imperative to be aware of this highly dynamic and complex ecosystem around Shanghai and the “Electronic Tiger” Taiwan, on the one hand to be able to utilise it as a possible future export partner of a growing export market with strategic importance and the foreign investment of China and Taiwan, and on the other hand, to profit from a promising market with great, long-term potential. It is no coincidence that Taiwan and China are already Austria’s most important trading partners in the Far East and that Taiwan is one of the world’s 25 largest economies in terms of GDP.

On this cluster trip, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know the ecosystems of Shanghai and Taipei in many of their facets. We will introduce you to a large number of potential partners who can support you with potential projects in the region. Many of you will also attend personal meetings or make new business contacts. Our programme is rounded off by visits to progressive organisations and top-class research institutions such as TSMC and ITRI, which embody the cutting-edge technological trends in Asia. Furthermore, we get an insight into Austrian companies that are successful in these regions, and the startup scene and opportunities will also be looked at more closely in order to better understand and assess the success of the target regions of our trip.

I would be very pleased to personally welcome you on this trip!

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Mag. Ruth Aigner BA



Mehrtägige Delegationsreise in Kooperation von:


Das Programm enthält u.a. folgende Punkte:

  • Hsinchu Science Park – das „Silicon Valley“ Taiwans
  • ITRI – Industrial Technology Research Institute
  • Shanghei Industrial Micro Technology Research Institute
  • TSMC – Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
  • Nio GmbH
  • Taiwan Invest
  • Lite-On Technology Corporation
  • Working lunch mit Vertretern aus Wirtschaft und Politik
  • Vorstellung Acceleratoren wir Epoch Foundation und Garage Plus Acceleration inkl. Networking Event mit Gästen aus Politik und Industrie, taiwanesischen Geschäftskontakten und Behördenvertretern, AuslandsösterreicherInnen
  • Start-up Pitches
  • ABB Engineering (Shanghai) Ltd Robotics Department
  • AT&S (China) Co., Ltd.
  • AVL List Technical Center (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
  • LAM Research Taiwan

Zusätzlich: Einzelgespräche mit Firmen Ihrer Wahl

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Überblick geplanter Ablauf

Information: Bitte beachten Sie, dass der geplante Ablauf sich noch geringfügig ändern kann.

So. 09.09.2018 Anreise Shanghai
Mo. 10.09.2018 Ankunft Shanghai, Programm in Shanghai, Abendempfang, ÜN Shanghai
Di. 11.09.2018 Programm in Shanghai, Start-up Hub, ÜN Shanghai
Mi. 12.09.2018 Transfer Taipeh, Programm & Sightseeing in Taipeh, ÜN Taipeh
Do. 13.09.2018 Programm in Taipeh, Start-Up Pitches, ÜN Taipeh
Fr. 14.09.2018 Programm  in Hsinchu, Transfer nach Shanghai
Sa. 15.09.2018 Sightseeing bzw Tag zur freien Verfügung; Abends: Rückreise nach Graz
So, 16.09. 2018 Ankunft in Graz

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  • Anmeldeformular und Teilnahmebedingungen finden Sie hier
  • Anmeldung bis spätestens 31. Juli 2018



  • Kooperationspartner EUR 3.000,
  • Nichtmitglieder EUR 3.300,-

Start-Ups aufgepasst! 4 Sponsoring-Plätze für Cluster Fokus Reise zu vergeben !

Für zwei Start-Up Unternehmen aus Kärnten und zwei Start-Up Unternehmen aus der Steiermark gibt es die Möglichkeit, nach einem Auswahlverfahren ohne Teilnahmegebühr an der Cluster Fokus Reise teilzunehmen. Die Teilnahmegebühr der Gewinner wird von den Sponsoren des Internationalisierungscenters Steiermark und vom Kärntner Wirtschaftsförderungsfonds übernommen.



  • Ihr Unternehmen ist maximal 5 Jahre alt
  • Sie haben nicht mehr als 5 MitarbeiterInnen (zusätzlich zu den GründerInnen)
  • Sie sind oder werden Silicon Alps Kooperationspartner
  • Sie verfassen ein kurzes Motivationsschreiben…
  • …und überzeugen damit unsere Jury
  • Einsendeschluss: 10. August 2018


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