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Wolfgang Warum
Manager Software Development Team Graz
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Wildstraße 4, A-9100 Völkermarkt

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WILD Technologies s.r.o.
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WILD is the most trusted partner in optomechatronic systems for the world market leaders in medical technology, optical technologies and industrial technology. WILD develops and produces your high-quality products and guarantees stable processes across the entire product cycle. WILD develops and manufactures exclusively on behalf of its customers and also makes all results research, development and design results available to the customer. WILD does not possess any products and endeavors to always behave in such a manner so as to ensure that customers, suppliers, staff members, investors, and all stakeholders develop a maximum level of trust in WILD.

WILD is your system partner for the development and production of your sophisticated optomechatronic assemblies and complete devices – perfectly customisable for your needs!

We solve complex problems with a flexible combination of suitable elements from our range of services:

Engineering | Co-Engineering | Re-Engineering | Value Engineering | Life Cycle Engineering | Process Engineering | Validation | Standards | Supplier Qualification | Prototyping | Supply Chain Design | Production Transfer


Your benefits


  • Simplification
  • One-stop shop for optomechatronics


  • Comprehensive, carefree package
  • From the idea to the product’s end-of-life


  • Time-to-market success
  • Prompt replacement


  • Avoiding wastage
  • Minimised total cost of ownership


  • Fast implementation of changes
  • High availability combined with low capital
  • Commitment


WILD Figures

Core business areas
Medical technology and optomechatronics

ISO 9001 – certified since 1990
ISO 13485 – certified since 2004
FDA registration

Annual manufacturing capacities
350,000 hours

ISO class 6 cleanroom
ISO class 5 flow box

Low-germ manufacturing
50 CFU according to ISO 14698