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Tapkey GmbH

smartphone-based access control

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Brucknerstraße 2/6, A-1040 Wien

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Brucknerstraße 2/6, A-1040 Wien
Welcome to Tapkey!
Tapkey is a powerful platform for smartphone-based access.
It gives app developers, service providers, and lock manufacturers alike the ability to add mobile access to their products and services—with little effort and lots of advantages.
Fast & Cost-Efficient Implementation

Our Lock SDK enables you to easily integrate mobile access into locking products. Your customers can use the Tapkey App to manage those devices. Alternatively we can build a whitelabel app solution for you.

Patented Technology

Tapkey is an innovative platform holding a patent regarding smartphone-based access. In addition we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and our data is hosted in Europe.