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Grüne Gasse 19b, A-8010 Graz
Welcome to Providens Analytics!
The applied data science company for your individual solutions
We are located in Graz (Austria) and provide a wide range of IT Services and innovative applications using Data Science and machine learning methods. We offer comprehensive and interdisciplinary knowledge with our experts in the area of mathematics, statistics, software development, mechanical and process engineering.

Advanced analytics & Data Science

Successful Data Science requires more than just data knowledge, our interdisciplinary background allows us to understand and analyse your data more efficiently. By using sophisticated methods from Data Science and machine learning we can gain new information out of your data!

Individual Software solutions

Long term success requires a holistic view and solutions that do fit your individual needs. Software will only evolve its full potential, if it perfectly fits in your processes. We are a vendor-independent company and ensure that we offer the perfect solution for your business.


Typical challenges in information technology need above all available and competent collaborators. We can provide you with experienced it-professionals as team members. We do not sell software or hardware of third parties. Therefore we are vendor neutral and can provide unbiased consulting and independent services.


Our interdisciplinary team contains experts in the areas of mechanical engineering, mathematics, statistics and software development. Use our cohesive and interdisciplinary knowledge for your profit.


Our philosophy is to continuously deploy and engage in a close collaboration with our partners, following the principles of agile software development and rapid prototyping. Our portfolio covers among others data acquisition and monitoring solutions, diagnostic and predictive analytics, planning tools, as also modeling, simulation and optimization applications.


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Individual building blocks for your business

We have an extensive record in the domains …

  • management reporting solutions
  • data-driven maintenance (preventive and predictive)
  • enhanced diagnostics
  • production data acquisition and quality management
  • simulation and optimization of material flow
  • multi-agent simulations of complex adaptive systems
  • production planning, control and optimization
  • customized monitoring and dashboard solutions
  • logistical optimization and automatization
  • process digitalization
  • decision support systems
We offer support and solutions throughout all stages of digitalization


We help you to find, develop and implement new strategies

  • Design tailored digitalization strategies
  • Innovative roadmaps
  • Guidance & specifications
  • Change management
  • Evaluation of potentials for IoT & I4.0
  • Requirements engineering & service design


Gaining insights by the use of scientific analytics and optimization methods

  • Process analysis and simulation
  • Derive and provide KPIs
  • Data Science methods
  • Data mining and machine learning
  • Pattern recognition and tests of significance
  • Agent-based modeling and simulation



We integrate optimal solutions in our business processes

  • Process design and -management
  • Data integration
  • Optimal resource allocation
  • Forecasting & prediction
  • Routing and process optimization
  • Control policies & algorithms


Improve your business with tailored solutions

  • Decision support systems
  • Diagnostics, monitoring and reporting software
  • Planning tools and process support
  • Customized software development
  • Web-based an mobile applications
  • Geographical information services

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