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Mandellstraße 6/5, -8010 Graz

Metinsi is a consulting company for sustainable technologies founded in 2021. Our mission is to empower companies, in particular SMEs and start-ups, to use sustainable development as a core principle in their business endeavors. Metinsi develops accessible, viable, and fast solutions to boost the sustainability of products and services, and to increase the awareness of it among stakeholders. Adding measurable economic value for our partners through social ecological improvements is our passion.

Our customers:

  • Do recognize the value of sustainable development, want to exploit its potential and integrate it in their business
  • Operate in a high-tech industry
  • Want accessible and practical solutions customized to their needs
  • Are keen to exchange and collaboration along and across value chains



Understanding the context you operate in and the impact of your actions is the foundation of sustainable development. We model the system and evaluate the impacts with the methods and indicators best suited for your products and services

Integrate sustainability in your strategy and operations: define indicators and management tools to steer your actions, embed sustainability in existing management systems, track and share your progress with appropriate reporting and

Impact assessment unleashes a great potential of technical innovation and new business models. We help shaping the ideas into projects and finding the best partners to work on them. Start the Life Cycle thinking and profit from new perspectives for your work.

Sustainable development demands a holistic approach and the participation of many actors within the company and in its ecosystem. Raise awareness among your stakeholders and get them involved with trainings, workshops, publications and events.


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