I3 – Initiative Intelligent Innovation

I3 – Initiative Intelligent Innovation

Innovation is the driver for future development & longterm success and thus the base for the positive evolution of our society.

Tiroler Straße 6/2, AT-9500 Villach

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I3 Office
Tiroler Straße 6/2, AT-9500 Villach

We have a vision – a vision for Carinthia and the whole Alpe-Adriatic region
to help making our homeland to one of the most successful areas in Europe.

About I3

We are an independent network founded in 2010 with various members from corporates, companies, non-profit organisations and individuals. We focus on all aspects of the topic Innovation – from structural and even more important from practical perspective.

More information can be found on our Homepage or in in this overview.

Our Services & Activities


Our well appreciated activities are ongoing so called “Innovations-Gespräch” where support community building around the topic Innovation.

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In times of remote work we developed a periodic Online-Talk format, which promotes innovation culture in challengin times

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  Startup Matching

Connecting corporates with startups and rising stars of certain industries is the aim of this very successful format

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  House of Innovation

Rapid innovation with a design thinking approach and a very easy and low entry level. Possible and successful for every kind of request.

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Benefits for SAC Members & Partners

Based on the partnership we offer following benefits to you (excerpt):

  • Participation in events
  • “House of Innovation” workshop with I3-Member discount
  • Participation in Startup Matching with I3-Member discount (1x free of charge)
  • Selected benefits from our other I3-Partners

Further information about benefits as I3-Member or Cooperation-Partner
can be found here in this overview.

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