EET – Efficient Energy Technology GmbH

EET – Efficient Energy Technology GmbH

With the solar power solution - SolMate - from EET, everyone will be able to produce their own electricity. Just set it up on the balcony, plug it into a power socket and provide your own renewable electricity for your household. SolMate is the first solar storage for the power socket.

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SolMate by EET is a photovoltaics and storage system, that can be installed by anyone by simply plugging it in. SolMate consists of 5 lightweight, flexible photovoltaic panels and a small storage device. The panels are put on a wall, balcony, fence, etc., connected to the storage device and the storage is plugged into a regular socket.
SolMate produces renewable electricity and provides it to the household when it is needed. The intelligent power injection is based on the patented measurement technology of EET. Additionally, SolMate is also off-grid capable, energy can be used through the integrated socket of SolMate.

SOLMATE – Bring sun into your home!


Your Solar Storage System without any installation, just plug it into the power socket!


Due to the smart solar storage, low feed-in tariffs are a thing of the past.
The unused, green electricity is saved for when you need it!


SolMate produces up to 25 % of the electricity needs of your household and thus saves about 6700 kg CO2.
Your electricity holds up to 80% less pollutants than conventional electricity!


Even in case of power failure, your SolMate still delivers solar power and supplies the most important devices in your household. If you produce your own electricity, you are never sitting in the dark!


The products’ technological innovation lies within the measurement technology, known as NetDetection. During their time at Graz University of Technology, the EET founding team developed the technology and registered it at the European Patent Office. NetDetection allows your SolMate® to detect if and how much electricity is needed in your home – it does so through the socket it is connected to – without additional hardware in the meter box and without an electrician.
SolMate® knows if you need electricity and when it should feed it into the home grid. If no electricity is consumed, SolMate® stores your green electricity in the compact energy-storage unit for later.
The problem of low feed-in tariffs and complicated paperwork are things of the past.
With SolMate® you benefit from100% of the electricity you generate.


Of course you always want to know what your SolMate is doing at any given point, how much sun it is getting and how much power it provides. That is why we have developed a mobile app for smartphones and tablets. The “My SolMate” app is provided free of charge.

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