ALP.Lab GmbH

ALP.Lab GmbH

Austrian Light Vehicle Proving Region for Automated Driving

Inffeldgasse 25F, A-8010 Graz

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Gerhard Greiner
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Inffeldgasse 25F, A-8010 Graz
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Austrian Light Vehicle Proving Region for Automated Driving
Products and Services

Model / Software in the Loop
✓ Testing of ADAS/ ADV software functions
✓ Bring in results from road tests into virtual environment
✓ Efficient evaluation of real-driving scenarios

Hardware in the Loop
✓ Driving simulator to test the human- machine interface (HMI)
✓ Experience of ADAS/ADV HMI and acceleration in cockpit
✓ Sensor validation and qualification

Vehicle in the Loop (Driving Cube)
✓ ADAS/ ADV vehicle qualification prior road to test
✓ Test of safety critical scenarios
✓ Reproduction of critical scenarios from road tests

Proving Ground Test
✓ Reproducible test of dangerous scenarios
✓ Individual desired scenarios and maneuvers

Public Road Test
✓ Test in regional-specific real-world scenarios
✓ Collect data and replay in simulation

Data and Cloud Service
All relevant testing stages are embedded in a system of comprehensive tools and models for:
✓ Data management
✓ Processing
✓ Reporting

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